Introduction to MGC

My name is Cinderella working at Musawenkosi Christian Academy, previously named Mukhanyo Christian Academy, school for Orphans and Vulnerable Children.
I started working at the school in September 2016, until now. I am working as an Administrator and teaching Bible lessons to 4th – 7th Grade learners. I really love this school, as it is not just a school, but a Ministry to serve the Lord. It gave me an opportunity to share God’s love with these wonderful children.

We always want the best for them like living and eating healthier. I am glad I met a friend from USA, Robin Kelly-Goss, who came with an idea of a garden to feed our children, parents and community with fresh vegetables. πŸ₯¬πŸ₯¦πŸ₯’. We worked on it and started it together with our learners, parents and community members. It went well and was named Musawenkosi Garden of Christ.
With the struggling of water we have worked hard and managed to harvest spinach, beetroot, broccoli, onion, turnip, chilli,.. It was awsome. πŸ˜„.. We had a big water challenge and kept on going and though it was a slow process. People got discouraged with the challenge, but some of us kept going. Currently we have planned for electricity installation, water pump and borehole fixing. We thank God, as we have received donation from USA which will cover some of our plans.
We are waiting for a lockdown level where it will allow us to continue with all the installations and continue with our work. Our next plan is to involve learners, to teach them that God has given everyone an authority to rule over His Creation. They have to rule over God’s land and bring life from it. We have 30 learners who are involved in the garden now. Hopefully, God will make a way.