Current News at ASAC

During the stay-home period, Themba begins the plantings at ASAC.

Water is always a factor in food production. In Limpopo, they have the wet season and the dry season, giving food producers both extremes to contend with. Themba has begun training on water conservation through an online course with Alosha Lynov of Bio-Veda Academy. Themba will give us more information on this as it progresses.

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South Africa – Thoughts about Small Scale Farmers

Small Scale farmers were faced with uncertainty when the President of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, announced the lock down, telling everyone to stay at home and restrict the movement of the people to only allow essential services. The time that the president introduced the Lock Down, it was the exact time of completing the summer […]

Meet Themba

Avuxeni (Greetings). Since I was introduced into Slow Food Network five years ago, I started developing interests in practical activities of people producing food for their own consumption as well as to sell the surplus to their communities. This has encouraged me to be part of the Slow Food 10 000 gardens project in Africa, and […]