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Although Herban Renewal and Mahala Love are start up ventures, they have been years in the making. Drawing from past experience in nonprofits, community garden start-ups, mission trips and a life long love of learning, these ideas have been ruminating for a few years. The 2020 pandemic allowed a respite in daily routines to get the ground work laid and the project launched. As society has taken a step back around the world, we can hope that the changes we bring forward will be positive, will be about community, will be about growth and love. We, at Herban Renewal, are proud to be a part of Mahala Love and sharing with the world.

As this is the the start up year for Herban Renewal, we have been busy planting, while utilizing as much permaculture knowledge as we can gather. New bare root perennial plantings include – spicebush, apricot trees, dwarf apple, goji berries, juneberries, strawberries, hazelnuts, roses, blueberry, red raspberries, and black raspberries. Intermingled with all of these plantings are vegetables, flowers and herbs. It is exciting to see each little leaf pop out and the plants take off with potential, both near and far, for food!

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Current News at Herban Renewal

Hugelkultur – Swale

We have begun to incorporate hugelkultur beds onsite. Although you can’t tell in the pictures, there is a decent little slope here, so I thought we could create a bed and possibly trap some of the run off at the same time. This is on the northwest most corner of the property and borders a main road as well as an alley. Fingers crossed that it is placed far enough back that the large trash truck that cuts through the alley can manage to miss the butternut squash and pink banana squash that are planted in the hill. You can see a lantana, Big Boy tomato, butternut and comfrey planted in the hill now.

News at Herban Renewal

2,000 red wigglers have arrived. A variety of uses will be tested from straight vermicomposting, tube vermicompost directly in the garden bed, and vermiponics, adding worms to the aquaponics system. I know you can’t wait for more pictures. 🙂

Water is always a factor in food production. Robin has begun training on water conservation through an online course with Alosha Lynov of Bio-Veda Academy. She will give us more information on this as it progresses.