Current News at MGC

MCA School has a new location! A beautiful new school has been built for the learners at MCA. Along with the new site comes the opportunity to begin a new permaculture garden. Watch our progress here as we grow into our new space.

Water – The new garden location is approximately 1,200 sq. meters and has a slight slope toward the back wall. During the rainy season, this presented a large amount of runoff – even washing out the new wall that was being built. We are working to mitigate that through the use of swales. What’s a Swale?

First, we created an A-frame level to help find the contour lines. Then we laid out 2 swales and dug along the contour, using the soil as a berm behind the trench. The students made fast work of picking up leftover bricks to support the berm until they are planted.

More coming on this soon…