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Greetings from Giyani

Avuxeni (Greetings)

The current pandemic of Covid-19, has taught us that saving for tomorrow can save lives. When countries start to implement “Stay Home/Lock Down,” we witnessed millions of people from around the world flooding the retailers through panic buying since they have power to purchase.

Those that have no power to purchase were left helplessly watching those that were buying more than what they need, due to panic buying.

A lesson we learnt from this pandemic is that people need to be taught to be self-sufficient. Subsistence farming has been a way of life for decades, if not centuries, up until recently when people have to depend on retailers for their food supply.

The fault line was noticed a week or two after lockdown, that there are millions of people living below the poverty line. Governments from around the world tried to distribute the food parcels to the needy people, but there was not enough to be distributed to everyone in need.

The fault line has taught us that we need to encourage people to start growing food for self-sufficiency. As the proverb says, “instead of giving a man a fish to eat for a day, you better teach him how to fish.” This is why Mahala Love exists. We want to go to the most vulnerable people and teach them the basics to grow food sustainably, using resources available in their respective area,

It is possible. We will win.

Inkomu (Thank You)