The Mahala Love Project is pleased to offer a variety of courses dealing with self-sufficiency and health for both a personal level and a community level. There are two areas of focus within these topics: learning for self and learning to teach these skills to others. Mahala Love will always be looking for new trainers as our projects grow in scope and location. We welcome your interest and partnership.

Online Courses

Use worms to quickly compost your food scraps for really great fertilizer for your gardens.

Soiless growing either indoors or out. This can be accomplished in conjuction with vermicompost or with out,

Ready to go one step further in your Hydroponics? Incorporate fish in the mix to grow a protein source and have instant fertilizer for your plants

Lasagna Gardening
No till gardens that can be done easily in your backyard -maybe even your front.

Container Gardens
No dirt to call your own? Not a problem Learn to build a variety of self watering contaer systems for any space

Vertical Gardens
It’s not just for space saving – vertical gardens can be incorporated for back saving and design purposes as well.

In-Person Training

Hands-on training with different design types of vermicompost. Make some new wiggley friends.

Hands-on training and a look a different designs to get you started on any budget.

Get up close and personal with a few fish for either protein production or just to host new pets, all while feeding your garden. Applications for both indoors and out.

Edible Yards
Dig into the front yard garden at a micro-intensive Urban homestead. Making gardens look pretty while providing tasty food.

MicroIntensive Urban
A deep dive into food production on small city lot. Grow more food than you thought was possible and never need to mow grass again.

Vertical Garden
Up, up and eat! Hands-on building of vertical designs while looking at a variety of options. Get your creative mind ready to tackle vertical gardening at your own home or garden.

Travel and Internships

US – 2 week
Spend 2 weeks at an Urban microIntensive homestead. Learn a variety of skills while helping “run the farm.” topics covered are: cooking with fresh foods, chicken tractors, Aquaponics, swimming with the fishes, square foot gardening, raised beds,

US – 4 week
This course allows for everything in the 2 week plus trips to nearby production and additional in-depth learning from many topics. Additional topics that may include fiber arts, markets, food preservation and other requested topics.

US – 3 month
This is a full internship. The 3 month on-site intensive will prepare you to teach for Mahala Love or to start your own programs.

South Africa – 2 week
Experience a variety or locations and gardens in South Africa.

South Africa – 4 week
The extra 2 weeks will give you a chance to dig deeper into the skills touched on in the 2 week, while forming life-long bonds with locals

South Africa – 3 month
This is a full internship. The 3 month on-site intensive will prepare you to teach for Mahala Love or to start your own programs.

Our fish are responsibly caught from sustainable sources.